It’s been a while.

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry for the lack of update, I have been unbelievably busy here. I feel right at home, but balancing time between school work, CAS extra-curriculars and friends is proving more challenging than for what I accounted for.

It’s almost the end of first term, which is crazy. People who are going home in April are literally counting down the days. I keep saying to people that it feels like we have been here both forever and no time at all, and I guess this won’t really make sense to anyone who isn´t here, but it’s something that a lot of people can relate to.

I already feel like I’ve made the best friends in the world, and it sounds cheesy but this is my home. When I think about returning back to Oxford in April, it dawns on me how foreign I might look or sound to my friends an family. It’s scary that when I came here I had the opportunity to fill the gaps that I left at home with all the new people around me, but those I left behind haven’t necessarily managed to do the same.

I guess this whole post was just for a general update, as I have been absent for so long. It’s not because Í’m dying, it’s because I’m having an awful lot of fun.

I hope that before the end of term I will find the time to write about planning for midterm break, and explaining how mine went.

L0ts of love,



An Introduction To Me

So, here’s the thing: I have never been very good at writing. Although English is my first and only fluent language, I’ve always had difficulty formulating my thoughts into writing. When speaking, I don’t have much of a filter; in the sense that I say almost everything I think, but when writing, I can’t help but be hypercritical of myself. Maybe, if this blog continues for a while, it might become easier for me to write; but for now I’m trying my best so bear with me.
My intention for this blog is to both shed some light on the UWC experience for future applicants, to document my time at WK for my family and friends, and for me to look back on.
Let’s start with a few facts about myself:
  • My name is Morgan Elouise Ford
  • I am from Oxford, England
  • I will be attending UWCSA this coming January, to graduate in 2018

I can’t promise any particular upload schedule, as I have heard the wifi at WK is less than desirable however I’ll try my best.